Discovery Days

08 & 09 October 2022 from 10:00 to 17:00

Dear customer,
We are pleased to invite you to our traditional Discovery Days, on the 2nd weekend of October in our factory in Pommerloch.
The popular “Gromperenzopp” ( vegetarian or with garnish ) will be served on Sunday from 12:00 – 14:00. The coffee shop in our workshop will be open the whole weekend.
The proceeds of the coffee bar will be donated to the ONG “Le soleil dans la main”.

Some of the things you can expect :
– Hiking tour (only with registration) 9:00 Pommerlach – Wanseler – Gedenkpaad Schumann’s Eck – Pommerlach
– € 150 voucher with the purchase of a Relax sleep system
– Newly delivered models of CRP garden furniture made of 100% recycled plastic resin
– Garden & Lunch – furniture made from recycled wine & whisky barrels
– Woodturning Forum: Demonstration and sale of woodturning machines and tools.
– New wood finishes, techniques and decors
– Accoya wood for outdoor use
– Exhibition and advice on stretch ceilings, doors, stairs, furniture, beds, furniture renovations


More information at  or tel. 26 950 110


Familie Reckinger & Team

Pommerloch, September 2022