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Door systems serve, among other things, as a demarcation, sound or odour protection and enable or prevent us from entering a room or building. In everyday life we encounter doors in the most diverse forms and functions. In addition to the classic swing doors, more and more sliding doors are finding their way into houses, hotels, restaurants and apartments all over the world. Of course, we also have functional design solutions in our product range in addition to our special solutions.

The whole thing is completed by our accessories.

Doors are a central element in living spaces, in shops or at the workplace. They connect rooms with each other, open the way or are used deliberately to close them.

MWE turns this functional object into a design-oriented design element. We offer an extensive range of room doors that leaves nothing to be desired. Elegant revolving and sliding door systems or partitions with stainless steel fittings set the scene for every room.

In our in-house test centre, the hinged and sliding door systems, from sliding glass doors to hinges and fittings, which we manufacture 100% in Germany, are extensively tested to ensure their perfect suitability for practical use and function.

Planning freedom is particularly available with our glass door fittings with running rails, thanks to an extensive range of fixings (fixation) and accessories. (Programmes d’accessoires)

From glass point holders to floor locks (serrure au sol) and ceiling holders, a very simple sliding door system can be transformed into a room divider or even a completely free-standing all-glass cabin.

Swing and sliding door systems for every taste

The fittings of the swing and sliding door systems are made of stainless steel with the most modern technology and an artistic final finish by hand. The most diverse surfaces and coatings are possible – for every taste and need. Choose two-coloured fittings for an elegant flair, high-gloss polished versions for clear structures or fittings set with Svarowski Elements crystals for an extravagant ambience. When designing the hinged and sliding door systems, we keep every detail in mind: For safe handling we supply door handles and handle shells that complete the design of the doors.

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